Video Microphones

Here is a comparison between all of our video microphones.

If you want to check to see if your camera works with the V-Mic D3 Pro, you can check our compatibility chart HERE.


D3 D3 Pro D4 DUO
Capsule 3rd Gen - 14mm 3rd Gen - 14mm 4th Gen -14mm
Capsule Count 1 1 2
Pickup Pattern Super Cardioid Super Cardioid Dual Cardioid
Output Type Smart TRRS Smart TRRS TRS
Battery Type 1x AAA Internal Lithium
Battery Life 200Hrs ~50Hrs
Low Cut Filter 75Hz / 150Hz
Gain Style Variable Gain Knob
Gain Amount Up to +20dB 0dB / -10dB
Build Quality Metal Metal Metal
Weight 48.6g 148g 40g
Dimensions 21x150mm 21x189mm 21x94mm