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  • Lightweight With Metal Build Quality
  • Converts 48V to Plug-In Power For Passive Microphones
  • Right Angle Connectors
  • Adds Zero Noise To Your Audio Signal

Product Description

The V-Link is the cleanest and simplest way to connect your 3.5mm video microphones into a XLR based camera or audio recorder. The low-profile right angle XLR jack keeps the cable runs clean and neat. And the built in 15” coiled 3.5mm cable means the user doesn’t have to worry about the two pieces separating like when you use a traditional phantom power adapter. The V-Link adapts the 24/48V phantom power supplied by the XLR input it’s plugged into and converts it to a 3-5V Plug-In Power signal, mimicking the traditional 3.5mm TRS jack that video microphones are designed to be used with.





Customer Reviews

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thank you. i love it.

Ray Kendrick
Better than Deity's D-XLR and Rode's VXLR line

A complaint I have about Deity's D-XLR is that it doesn't have a locking 3.5mm thread, so I got this instead and it fixed my issues immensely. I primarily use this if I need to use my v-mic/videomic on a boom pole. This is the better option than the D-XLR as it is a single secure connection. I had issues with the D-XLR slightly disconnecting/reconnecting causing pops in my audio tracks, a solvable issue had it had a locking thread. Rode's VXLR+ and VXLR Pro, while having a locking thread, weighs too much considering I'm using this on the end of a boom pole. They weigh at 48g and 80g respectively; the V-Link is only 24g.

I love how its a coiled cable with a low profile XLR. It fits perfectly on my shock mount because of it. I just wish the cable wasn't yellow and was black, hence 4 stars. If it was black I'd probably give it a 5.

James Talbot

Excellent Products & Service!

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