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This is the QUIET PLEASE! door hanger. Its bright Deity Yellow (#FFC600) design is easy to spot and lets everyone in the hallway outside of your film set know to keep it down. And in true Deity Microphones fashion, we over-engineered it by making it out of a waterproof and tear-proof material. That's right, this warning sign to loudmouth people is crafted from lightweight industrial fibers. Flexible and thin like paper, but in reality it is a rugged, unique polymer. Perfect for throwing into your camera bag, you could wrap it around a lens if need be and have it with you on every shoot.

Works with most door knobs. Made in the USA.


Color - Yellow #FFC600

Sound Field- Line of Sight

Frequency Response - All visible light

Polar Pattern - 180 Degree since doors are traditionally flat 2D surfaces

Sensitivity - Depends on how big you open your eyes

Maximum SPL - Nothings louder than yellow

Dynamic Range - Hopefully zero as people should be quiet

Weatherproof Standard - Waterproof

Connect Type - Door knob

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