BP-TRX (USA Model) - Transmitter, Recorder, Timecode Box

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• Built-in recorder + timecode

• Compatible with Deity Connect wireless systems

• Can be used as a transmitter, receiver, or recorder


Product Description:

The BP-TRX is the next evolution in 2.4GHz digital wireless microphones systems. Using its bi-directional transceiver radio, the BP-TRX can be used as a bodypack transmitter or as a single channel wireless receiver with special receiver modes to act as a wireless IEM system for directors and producers or as a camera hop.

The BP-TRX features an onboard timecode audio recorder. It can jam to external timecode or generate and output its own. With its ability to transmit and record at the same time, you will never have to worry about missing audio due to wireless interference ever again. The onboard analog limiter also prevents audio from clipping.

What's In The Box:


1x BP-TRX Antenna

1x W.Lav TRS Lavalier

1x Locking TRS to TRS Cable

1x USB-C Charging Cable

1x Timecode Sync Cable

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