V-Mic D3

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The V-Mic D3 is everything you need in an on-camera microphone. Its super cardioid pickup pattern makes it the perfect tool to pick up audio from the camera perspective, really adding an extra layer of audio to your video edit. On-Camera microphones are more than just a way of getting better reference audio for sync, the V-Mic D3 allows you to get accurate quality audio for your B-Roll or Vlog. And for on-the-fly quick interviews the V-Mic D3 is able to grab the sound from someone talking to the camera.

Vlogging has never been so easy. The V-Mic D3 works with nearly any camera or
recorder you plug it into without the need for extra adapters. It is as simple as plug and play can get. Whether you are doing Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, need B-Roll for your wedding film, or need a scratch mic for your camera, the V-Mic D3 is the microphone for you.

If you want to check to see if your camera works with the V-Mic D3 Pro, you can check our compatibility chart HERE.

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