S-Mic 2 Deluxe Bundle

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  • Includes the S-Mic 2 Location Kit
  • Includes the K-Tek AIRO Boom Pole*
  • Metal build quality
  • Complete boom pole microphone setup ready for you're next production


The Deity S-Mic 2 Location Kit is a professional shotgun microphone offering superior sound performance, quality circuitry and great craftsmanship making for a reliable tool for audio recording. The Deity S-Mic 2 Location Kit features a super cardioid pickup pattern which minimizes surrounding ambient sounds but still offers low off-axis coloration. The S-Mic 2 Location Kit also is very forgiving when trying to point it at an actor or actress because of its super cardioid pickup, making it a great microphone for new boom operators. The microphone’s ultra low self-noise lets you capture natural-sounding speech and dialog without any distractions..

Designed to hold up to the brutality of run-and-gun-style shoots, the Deity S-Mic 2 Location Kit body is machined from 100% solid brass and features a epoxy sealed gold-coated PCB board and a moisture-resistant capsule. The Deity S-Mic 2 Location Kit comes with a waterproof, shockproof hard case to keep your microphone safe during storage or travel. Also included with every purchase is a mic clip and a foam windscreen.


*NOTE: The K-Tek AIRO Boom Pole ships directly from K-Tek and may arrive a little after your S-Mic 2 Location Kit arrives.

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