DA5S (Microdot to Lectrosonics Servo TA5f)

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Gold plated microdot plug

Compatible with TA5F Lectrosonics Servo Transmitters

Dimension L * D: 42.6mm * 10 mm

Product Description

The DA5S was designed to adapt microdot lavalier microphones to TA5F connectors that are wired to be compatible with Lectrosonic servo transmitters. This adapter also compatible with non- Deity branded microdot lavaliers and headset microphones.

The flat sides on each side of the adapter were put there to give the user a better grip on the adapter

when screwing on the microdot microphone. This adapter is made out of aluminum and brass.

The microdot system benefits sound professionals, ENG Camera Ops, hotels, and houses of worship who may own or work with multiple types of wireless kits on a regular basis. Microdot adapters also reduce the cost of changing wireless microphones models/brands as you upgrade your gear.

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