V-Mic D4 Mini

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  • Compact design

  • 20mph Wind Rating

  • Automatic extra track assignment when a secondary source is plugged in (Right Channel)

  • No Batteries Required – runs off 1-5V from cameras, phones, and audio recorders

  • Includes: Microphone, Faux Fur Windshield, TRS Camera Cable, TRRS Phone Cable, Shockmount


The V-Mic D4 Mini is a high-quality, affordable miniature microphone that allows users to capture directional audio and reject sounds coming from off-camera. The D4 Mini utilizes a new offset shockmount that makes it the ideal microphone for use with wide-angle vlogging cameras or action cameras. The side-mounted output jack is also perfect for hybrid DSLR shooters who still want to use their eyepiece for taking photos. The V-Mic D4 Mini features an input jack that allows you to split your stereo audio tracks and easily insert a secondary audio source, like a wireless microphone, without a splitter cable.


NOTE: The input jack's audio signal is combined with the audio signal from the V-Mic D4 Mini when using the TRS to TRRS smartphone cable.

What’s in the box:

  • 1x V-Mic D4 Mini

  • 1x Faux Fur Windscreens

  • 1x Yellow 3.5mm TRS to TRS cable

  • 1x Yellow 3.5mm TRRS to TRS cable


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I love it.

I am developing a smartphone app and this mic will be one of the recommended to our users.

Michael Short
Great Little Mic

I’ve been using the D4 Mini attached to my laptop as I attend Zoom meetings. Several people have remarked about the improved sound. I plan to use this mic for my Voice Overs when traveling!!

Thomas Piazza
No need to over spend!!

In the process of purchasing my first shotgun mic to use with my DSLR, I was originally looking in the ~$100 range. After doing some research and listening to some great audio quality test on YT between different mics, I realized there was VERY little difference in quality with what I was using it for. The fact that I could spend half the price and still get good audio with the D4 mini, it was really an easy choice.

If your in the market for your first mic or want one the compact and easy to transport, look no further.

Amazing performance in a small package.

A lovely portable system that is not intrusive, yet yields excellent audio performance in such a small and well thought out product. Keep up the great work DIETY!

Sasha Appler
Love the D4

Great sound quality and having the options to run a lav via the second line out is a game changer!!

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